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Momentum Dance Maui has implemented stringent health, safety, and hygiene procedures while providing in-person instruction. We continue to follow the guidance and rules provided by Maui County, Hawaii State Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control to ensure safe practices in the prevention of COVID-19. 


The following policies are subject to change in light of updated guidance. Any changes, updates, or modifications will be communicated via email. Time sensitive information will be communicated via email and SMS text. Active students and parents should opt-in text communication in the parent portal. 

Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines **Updated 3/25/22



  • Effective March 26th, provided there are no changes to county and state mandates, face masks will be optional in Momentum Dance Maui classes. Our staff will continue wearing face masks for a couple weeks longer while we work to comfortably transition our program to a mask optional facility. 

  • Every staff member, student and/or legal parent/guardian of a student who wishes to forgo the use of face coverings at MDM will be required to sign a waiver. Participation without a face mask will not be allowed unless a waiver has been signed and submitted to MDM administration or an MDM instructor. Please send all signed waivers to Click here for waiver. 

  • If a student without a signed waiver arrives maskless, they will be supplied with a mask to wear for the duration of class. 

  • Face coverings will still be required in all common areas and while students are not actively participating in class or observing. 


**With masks now optional, we ask that everyone be extra mindful of others’ beliefs and decisions. Whether a student or family chooses to continue to wear face masks or not, their decision will be supported and respected. All persons who choose to participate in MDM activities are expected to follow all policies and guidelines and uphold MDM’s Mission and Core Values. 



  • Students and staff who exhibit any symptoms of illness, COVID related or other, should stay home.

  • Immediate isolation and pick up is required for any student who exhibits or expresses concerning symptoms upon arrival or during class. Please make sure you have listed an emergency contact in the parent portal.  

  • Students or staff members who test positive for COVID-19 will only be permitted to return to class if they are no longer symptomatic and have provided a negative Covid test or doctor’s note.

  • If a student is exposed to COVID-19 outside of the MDM community, where masks are required, they do not need to quarantine provided they do not exhibit any symptoms. 

  • If a student is exposed to COVID-19 outside of the MDM community, where masks are not required or optional, they should take their appropriate course of action according to the Department of Health Guidelines

  • MDM will continue individual case investigation, contact identification, and quarantine of all COVID-19 exposures that occur within the MDM community. 


  • Vaccination is not required to participate in MDM classes. However, we encourage you to make the best decision for you and your family in protecting yourself and others against Covid-19 and other vaccine-preventable illnesses. 



  • While it is no longer mandatory for students to provide a negative test after traveling, we encourage you to inform MDM administration of your recent travels and obtain a test for peace of mind for all. 

  • If you have travelled within the last 5 days of returning to class, we ask that you wear a mask as an extra layer of protection. 



  • In an effort to avoid congregating, markers will be spaced around the perimeter of the studios and act as designated placeholders for students’ personal belongings and water bottles.

  • When waiting in line, students will be instructed to space themselves along the perimeter of the studio or stand on dots.  

  • Staff will monitor arrivals and departures and ensure proper distancing is maintained.

  • Parents and guardians will still be required to remain in their cars or outside the studio for the duration of class. 



  • All touch points are sanitized at the beginning and end of each class day and in between classes when necessary.

  • Studios will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis.

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at all times.



Maui Nui Strong

Hawaii Department of Health

Return to School/Work Criteria & Daily Wellness Check


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