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Tatiana Nagura

Tatiana Nagura was born and raised on Maui. Her dance journey began as a young child at the Maui Academy of Performing Arts, where she first discovered her love for movement and expression. As a teenager, Tatiana delved into the world of dance at the Alexander Academy of Performing Arts, finding joy and fulfillment in the classical ballet and lyrical dance. In 2012, she set her sights on New York City, where she sought to grow her dance education at Steps on Broadway and Marymount Manhattan College. 


In 2016, Tatiana earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She dedicated herself to teaching First Grade at Pukalani Elementary School, instilling knowledge and igniting the love of learning in young minds.


Beyond her dance endeavors, Tatiana's current focus revolves around caring for her two toddlers while supporting her husband in their print and clothing business. Her deep-rooted passion for teaching extends beyond the dance studio, as she nurtures a special interest in foundational reading education. Tatiana aspires to return to a specialized field of work in this area.


At MDM, Tatiana manages the social media account, spreading the joy of dance through digital platforms. Additionally, she shares her enthusiasm for movement and creativity in teaching her Toddler Time and Baby Ballet classes, fostering a love for dance in the youngest of performers.

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