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What goes in your dance bag?

  • Dance shoes should be kept clean in your dance bag until you arrive at the dance studio. To better take care of the Marley floors, dancers should be in the habit of keeping street shoes on the street and dance shoes on the dance floor, as rocks or other debris may be tracked in by street shoes.

  • Please bring your own full water bottle. Water will not be available at the studios.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the studios. However, it is always a great idea to include one in your personal dance bag.

  • Ballet dancers are expected to wear their hair in a bun or other secured fashion. This requires a little practice but your teacher is happy to show you how.

** There will be a designated area for students to store their personal belongings. Lost belongings will be held for a maximum of two weeks. If you think you have lost something, please inform an instructor or administration at 808-866-0212 or

Creative Ballet

& Pre-Ballet

  • Pink leotard

    Pink  or flesh tone tights

  • Ballet Skirts

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Secure bun

  • No jewelry

  • Ballet/Acro - no skirts or tights.

Ballet 1 and up

  • Black Leotard (Ballet 6 can wear any colored leo)

  • Pink  or flesh tone tights

  • Ballet skirts 

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Secure bun

  • No jewelry

  • Leotard not required for Adult Ballet


  • Pointe Shoes

  • Proper toe pads 

  • Theraband

  • Blister Band-Aids

  • Toe Tape

Boys Ballet or

Creative Movement

  • White t-shirt

  • Black shorts or leggings

  • Black or White
    ballet shoes

Jazz & Tap

  • Leggings, Joggers, or biker shorts

  • Jazz shoes 

  • Hair secured away
    from face

  • No baggy or restricting clothing

  • Tap shoes 


  • Leggings, Joggers, or biker shorts

  • No overly baggy or restricting clothing

  • Knee pads (if necessary)

Hip Hop,

Kid's Bop & Industry

  • Sweatshirt, tank or teeshirt

  • Shorts, leggings or sweats

  • CLEAN Sneakers, hi-tops 
    or tennis shoes for dance use only



Adult Jazz

  • Athletic Wear

  • Jazz Shoes Recommended

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